Wish by Barbara O'Connor
This is a winner. Charlie Reese has been delivered to her aunt and uncle until her mother "gets her feet on the ground". or her dad is corrected in the Correctional Facility he's in. She's angry. And Colby, North Carolina is full of squirrel eating hillbillies. She sees a homeless dog who reminds her of herself and vows to find him and make him hers. This is not action-packed, but is full of rollercoaster emotions and beautiful people. I really liked this one. Excellent. 4th+

Swarm by Scott Westerfeld
Almost didn't finish this one. The middle dragged a bit. I like the updated ideas of super powers--mob control, electonics control, persuasive voice, etc, but it gets pretty violent in a creepy way. Not my genre. Well-written and the ending was nicely twisted, with an obvious sequel on line. This was OK for Middle School. YA for violence, romance.

Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood
recommended by Denise Hull. 1920s murder mystery with Phryne Fisher, woman detective. The characters are great. There are a lot of Aussie phrases that might be confusing, but the story is good. Readable even after watching the Netflix series (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries). Adult

Turbo Twenty-Three by Janet Evanovitch
Same as usual, but still very funny. This time there are murders at the ice cream factory and it all starts with a frozen body covered in chocolate and nuts. Honestly I didn't figure it out and the wrap up was very satisfying. Adult.

The Shell Game by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg
Intro to the Fox and O'Hare series. Nate Fox is stealing priceless artifacts and Kate O'Hare has her first case ever.

The Elephant Chronicle by Nat Jackson
First YA novel by Nat. Combination of ancient history, artifacts, secret societies, and two mixed race kids who have the clues. This is a lot of chasing! Across Europe with Gulliver who has his own secrets. The creepy doctor who collects eyeballs may be over the top for middle school, but that maybe just me. The Komodo Dragon guards are pretty creepy too. Not entirely my style. YA for violence.

Soar by Joan Bauer
this one has it all. Abandoned baby adopted by a single man who is perfect as a dad. Heart transplant and most positive attitude possible. Baseball scandal in town where baseball is it. Middle school team who has no chance but plenty of grit. Romance with a cardiologist. heart squeezy. 4th+ Very good.

Sting by Jude Watson
sequel to Loot. The team of teenagers who are certifiable thieves set about recovering the triple jewels of cursed sapphires But things keep going wrong. And it gets more and more dangerous. Lots of self-examination and lots of action. . Good. 5th+