November 2017

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
Twins Taryn and Jude are carried away with their fairie sister Vivi to live with Vivi's father. It's a dark place for mortals while being enchantingly beautiful too. Lots of morality questions throughout the story--at least I'm not like ... and what to do at any moment. Only humans lie. But the fey creatures aren't to ever be trusted. So much intrigue. Also a LOT of violence and sexual incidents that affect the royal house. Nothing more than kissing on the page. I was surprised by the twist at the end. Satisfying conclusion but obviously leading to a sequel. YA Very very good

The Lightning Queen by Laura Resau
a reread for me. But I wanted to remember more of it. The language is so beautiful and electric. I loved every page. 4th and middle school. Excellent.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway by Jeff Kinney
Book 12. The Heffley family decides to skip Christmas and go to a family resort. Havoc ensues. no surprises. Should be a great seller.

Cloud and Wallfish by Anne Nesbit
given to me by Riley Ross, recommended by her family. Noah/Jonah is pulled out of school and before you know it finds himself in East Berlin. Weird. His parents are doing educational research begun because of Noah's Great American Stutter. But the story is all about friendship between outcasts. A story set in communist East Berlin is so very interesting. I loved it. No reason to be YA.

Which Way to the Wild West by Steve Sheinkin
Once again Sheinkin makes history accessible. All the stories around western expansion told as the interesting and amazing stories they are. A quick and entertaining read. I would read it aloud in a classroom if I could. 3rd+

I am Not your Perfect Mexican Daughter by Erika L Sanchez
Julia's older sister Olga will be eternally perfect since she was killed by aa semi truck. But Julia is all that Olga wasn't. She argues with her mother, is a smart mouth in school, and discovers things Olga was hiding. This deals with depression, attempted suicide, sexuality and so much more. The dialogue is occasionally funny and always spot on. I did fee like the relationship with Evanston resident Connor was a bit unrealistic. I'm sending this on to high school for the language, and explicit sex. High School. Welll written.

It All Comes Down to This by Karen English
1965 Los Angeles. Sophie and her sister Lily are the only black children in the upperclass neighborhood outside of Los Angeles. This is a cumulative series of conflicts ranging from best friends issues to boyfriends to openly prejudiced neighbors. Then there are the Watts riots. The story is true to a 12 year old girl's view. It would certainly be a good jumping off point for discussions of racial issues. Very Good. 4th+